2 Thai Restaurants That Are Located In Ballwin, MO

Thai Restaurants That You Can Go To In Ballwin, MO

In Ballwin, MO, there are so many great restaurants scattered throughout the city that you will love. If you are into Thai food, there are a lot of spots you can go to for some of the best Thai food! Further facts about Ballwin, MO can be found here.

Two Thai restaurants that are located in Ballwin, MO include:

  • Rice Thai Bistro
  • Manee Thai

Rice Thai Bistro

Rice Thai Bistro is a Thai restaurant that is located in the city of Ballwin, MO. This Thai restaurant has a 4.6-star rating and over 260 reviews on Google! This restaurant has both a lunch and dinner menu. On their dinner menu, you will find many foods under the categories of appetizers, soups & salads, curries, big noodle bowls, wok noodles, wok stir fried, wok fried rice, chef's favorites, drinks, and deserts.Information about An Indoor Shopping Mall That You Can Visit Near Ballwin, MO can be found here.

Manee Thai

Another Thai restaurant that is located in the city of Ballwin, MO is Manee Thai. On Google, this Thai restaurant has a 4.5-star rating with over 360 reviews. This Thai restaurant has many sections to their menu, including appetizers, salad, soup, big bowl, wok noodles, wok rice, stir fry, curry, Manee Thai’s specialties, and desserts.