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Garage doors are wonderful, they are convenient, they provide a hands free way to get into your home, keep your house secure, and hide those boxes of Christmas lights you have stacked everywhere. Garage doors are truly wonderful inventions — that is until they stop working.

When you need a functioning garage door, there is really not a whole lot you can do, you either have a working garage door or a gaping hole in your home. Your garage door either works or it doesn't, there is really not any middle ground.

When your door has problems, entering and exiting your garage can become a major hassle and one that you really don't want to deal with. Fortunately you can relax because we know what it’s like to discover garage issues when you’re leaving for work in the morning or trying to get back into your garage after a long day. No matter what is going on, we have the skills and experience to resolve the issue.

Even though it may not seem like it, there are many different components that make your garage door work. The opener, springs, rollers, tracks and the panels themselves; each of these has its own set of potential issues. At Rocket Garage Door, we have the experience backed by a decade in the industry and know what it takes to make our customers happy.

Our Expertise, Your Peace of Mind

A critical component of garage door repair is what we like to call diagnosis. Now, anyone in St. Louis can throw parts at a garage door and eventually fix the problem. We like to think that a better approach is to effectively diagnose the problem and replace parts as needed. Many times all that is needed is a little adjustment and your garage door will be functioning perfectly. Of course, the only way to determine the true nature of the issue is proper diagnosis of which Rocket Garage Door Repair knows is a key part of the repair process.

No matter what type, brand, or size of garage door you may have, we will be familiar with it and have undoubtedly repaired a similar door. From huge, four car monsters, to golf-cart size miniature garage doors, we have worked on them all.

The most important aspect of garage door repair is the fact that it is repaired correctly. However in this age of diminishing customer service, we believe in taking the extra step and actually ensuring that our customers are happy with the work. No matter how small the job, we are committed to ensuring a positive customer service experience for our clients.

A broken garage door is much more than an inconvenience, it can be a safety issue. A compromised garage door can be a serious security risk for your home. If you are noticing your door struggling, straining, or otherwise resisting whenever you press the little button, it may be time to give the experts at Rocket Garage Door Repair a call and we will get you back on track in no time.