A Brief Description of Arnold

Arnold is one of the smallest cities in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area and the fourth largest in Missouri. Arnold is the second largest city in St. Louis, Missouri, with a population of 18,832. The population in Arnold is approximately 14% African American and almost half the city is Hispanic. Arnold has a population density of almost 10 people per square mile, making it one of the densest cities in Missouri and the tenth highest in the state of Missouri. Ballwin, MO information can be seen at this link.

There are many popular attractions in Arnold, including several golf courses, an indoor skating rink, a horse stadium, and even a golf course. There are also many parks, museums, and art galleries to enjoy in this city. The largest museum in this area is the Arnold Museum and Historical Center. This museum has the oldest exhibits from the 1800's, as well as a very interactive exhibit for the public. There is a large aquarium within the museum and many of the exhibits can be viewed from the outdoor observation deck. Read about Ballwin St Louis Area Neighborhood here.

In Arnold, there are two major universities; Western Missouri State University and Northern Illinois University. Also, there are many different sports teams including baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. Arnold is very safe and secure, so there are not a lot of violent crimes within this community. There are no real issues concerning crime, but there may be some minor issues if you are on vacation, work or are living within this community. This is a great community that is filled with pride and has plenty to offer the residents of the area.

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