Advantages of Using Swinging Garage Doors Over Roll-Up Garage Doors

Swinging Garage Door Explained

As the name suggests, swinging doors open by swinging at an angle. The doors are made of panels which are then hinged to the wall of the garage. Swinging garage doors are very popular in Ballwin homes. The doors are installed in some of the oldest buildings within the city. There are different types of swinging garage doors. The doors are classified depending on how they are attached to garage walls. Some of the doors are side hinged to the walls. More can be found here.

Advantages of Swinging Garage Doors Over Roll-Up Garage Doors

Swinging doors are popular in Ballwin due to many reasons. The most common reason why people use swinging doors is the cost. Unlike roll-up doors, swinging doors are cheaper to purchase, install, and maintain. Another reason is that swinging garage doors don not break down regularly. Side-hinged swinging garage doors are easy to handle and are rarely affected by breakdowns. Click here to read about Professional Repair Services for Roll-Up Garage Doors.

Where You Can Get Quality Swinging Garage Doors in Ballwin

Rocket Garage Door Repair is a trusted swinging garage door provider in Ballwin. The company has over ten years of experience in supplying and installing swinging doors. Reach to the company through (314)310-6135 for consultations and price estimates.

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