Common Problems Associated with Tilt-Up Garage Doors in Ballwin

What Are Tilt-Up Garage Doors?

The tilt-up garage doors don’t have sections. They are made of a solid one piece like the side hinged garage doors. Tilt-up garage doors operate by a pivoting hinge mechanism, they tilt up into the garage ceiling to open. Look here for more about Ballwin, MO.

Common Problems Associated with Tilt-Up Garage Doors

One of the most common problems related to tilt-up garage doors is the failure of the rails. The rails on tilt-up garage doors hold the door panel in place as it is tilted up into the ceiling. When the rails fail, the door panel is likely to fall posing a threat to people in the garage. Another problem is failure of locks. Locks hold the tilted-up door panel in place to keep the garage open. The locks might fail due to use of excessive force or if they are worn out. Click here to read about Professional Garage Door Installation Services.

Where Can You Get Repairs for Tilt-Up Garage Doors?

If you are in Ballwin, contact Rocket Garage Door Repair for all your garage door repairs needs. The company has experienced technicians who can repair all types of garage doors. The technicians will also advise you if there are parts that need to be replaced instead of repairing them. Contact the company through (314)310-6135 for further consultations.

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