Concord Introduction

Concord is a Census-designated urban center in St. Louis County, MO, United States. The city is located on the southern edge of St. Louis and contains parts of Concord, Maplewood, and Beverly Hills. The population was approximately 16,913 in the 2020 census. Concord has two municipalities, Concord Town and Concord Village, and is bordered on its north and west by Cherry Valley Road, Emerson Avenue, Glenstone Road, and the Mississippi River. It also borders the northern boundary of St. Louis's Central Business District. Visit this link for more information.

It is not intended to be confused with Concord-Columbia Metropolitan Development Authority (CCMA) property. Concord-Columbia is the name given to a series of neighborhoods in St. Louis's central business district that are connected through public transportation, including the MetroLink light rail system. The CDP, however, is designated as the area that houses the downtown business district and other prominent businesses such as Target and Neiman Marcus. The CDP, in turn, is bounded by Grand Boulevard, North Washington Avenue, North Broadway, Southeast Division, and North Broadway. Concord, MO is part of the City of St. Louis, but its boundaries include St. Francis Hospital, the Greater St. Francis College, and St. Ann Hospital. Concord, MO is bordered by Cherry Valley Road, Emerson Avenue, and the Mississippi River to the south and Emerson Avenue, Glenstone Road, and North Broadway to the north. It is bounded by Central Avenue to the west and Southeast Division Street to the east. Learn more about Country Life Acres - What Makes This Community Unique?

The suburbs surrounding St Louis's Central Business District include Bridgeton, Webster Groves, Brentwood, Creve Coeur, Normandy Park, Calverton, Concordia, and Normandy. Concord was named after Concord, Illinois, the home of the famous Quakers. Concord, IL was founded in 1875 and is one of the oldest Quaker settlements in the world. Concord, IL is located on a peninsula between Concord and Bridgeton, just south of the Mississippi River. Concord, IL is well known for the "Quaker Gardens" in Bridgeton, which features one of the largest Quaker gardens in the world. Bridgeton is one of the fastest growing communities in St. Louis with an average of about 4.4 thousand people per square mile. Concord, MO is also known for housing one of the largest Quaker communities in the country, The Concordia Community, which contains fourteen different Quaker families.

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