Fenton: Population 5,813

Fenton, MO is a small community in St. Clair County, Missouri, about twenty minutes north of Kansas City. Fenton is an affluent suburb of Kansas City and has a population of approximately 3,711 at the 2020 Census. It is one of the youngest suburbs to develop in the Kansas City metropolitan area, being built around the mid-nineteenth century. Fenton has several major corporations as well as a small town center that include a small park and historical buildings. It is also home to several restaurants, art galleries, and specialty shops that serve a variety of foods. The town was named after William "Fenton" Emerson Fenton, who made his fortune building dams and railroads. Fenton was born in Independence, Kansas, and later came to the Kansas City area to build more dams and railroads. See further information here.

The downtown area of Fenton includes a small park with playground equipment and picnic tables, a playground for children, and a fountain that are maintained by a nonprofit group. There are several fine restaurants in the area as well as a local shopping center that provide a great variety of local products. The downtown area of Fenton also features a playground that is similar to those found in many other areas of Missouri. The Fenton Country Club is located within the City limits and offers golf courses and tennis courts for residents who do not have access to the larger golf course in Kansas City. Learn more about Historic Frontenac Neighborhood.

Many people in Fenton is from Kuwait, Iraq, or Saudi Arabia. The median household income in this area is almost seven thousand dollars, which is very high by most standards. Fenton also has a high concentration of doctors, dentists, attorneys, and business owners in the area. Fenton has a high crime rate because there are so many criminals who live in the area. There are also many military families in Fenton as well as families coming from other countries, but there are a very low percentage of Muslims and Christians in Fenton.

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