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5 Reasons Homeowners Opt For A Garage Door Replacement

Not unlike other essential components of your home, your garage door is something that you and your family use on a daily basis. If you’re like most hard-working people, then you’re opening and closing your garage door multiple times a day. This is, of course, fine and dandy, but if your home is outdated or your garage door is on the fritz, you might want to consider garage door replacement instead of repair.

Sure, sometimes garage door replacement is more obvious than other times, like when your teenager accidentally backed straight into the door. But in certain cases, you might want to think about upgrading your garage door. Fortunately, Rocket Garage Door Repair is here to help.

Your St. Louis Garage Door Replacement Company Is On The Job

Those in search of garage door replacement in St. Louis are in good hands when they choose Team Rocket. With a keen eye for detail and an emphasis on quality installations, we’ll make sure that your garage door is good to go for years and years down the road.

Below, we’ll cover five great reasons why homeowners opt for a flat-out garage door replacement.

Why Replace Instead Of Repair?

#1: You’re Putting Too Much Money Into Repairs

The main reason homeowners forgo repair and choose replacement is a financial one. Like your vehicle, there comes a point in the life of a garage door when it’s simply becoming too expensive to continue putting money into repairs. If Rocket Garage Door Repair has serviced your garage door more than once in the past couple of years, you’re dealing with an old or needy garage door.

Sure, a new garage replacement might cost you more up front, but you’ll save plenty of money (and unnecessary stress) down the road.

#2: It’s Noisy

No one wants to deal with an excessively loud garage door every single time they open and close it. Yes, it would be a brilliant feat of engineering to build a garage door system that moves such a heavy door without making any noise, and it’s totally understandable that most garage doors are just inherently noisy. But the simple operation of your garage door shouldn’t cause damage to your eardrums.

If things just don’t sound right with your garage door, it’s probably time to call us.

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#3: It’s Time To Sell The House

Let’s say you’ve lived in your home for 26 years. You purchased it brand new, paid off most of your mortgage, and even updated the original appliances. Your home is a reflection of your pride, but due to life circumstances, you’re forced to sell it and move on.

With a street-facing home, your garage door serves as one of the primary focal points for passerby. And while most of your neighbors and even the HOA might not care about a fancy new garage door, your realtor will, and so will a potential buyer. A brand new garage door looks great and eliminates the need for repairs for years down the road, thereby adding hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your home’s total resale value.

#4: It’s Becoming An Eyesore

Maybe you’re not looking to sell your home any time soon...but you’ve invested in a fixer-upper. And maybe replacing your garage door wasn’t the first item on your home improvement list, but it’s been a few years since you moved in and now you’re financially able to afford a new garage door. You’ll be glad you did, because that old garage door from 1972 is very, very out of date.

#5: Your Garage Door Lacks Modern Safety Features

When people buy an older home, they may not be aware that it’s equipped with a garage door that lacks many modern safety features that come standard with newer garage doors. Since garages are a high-traffic area where you and your family are constantly going in and out, it only makes sense to consider enhanced safety to protect your family and even add another selling point to your home.

Need A New Garage Door In St. Louis?

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