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5 Telltale Signs You Need Garage Door Repair In St. Louis

According to the U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, a 2015 American Housing Survey found that 63% of all occupied housing units had a garage or carport attached. In the West and Midwest regions, this percentage was over 70%. This data supports our opening point that many — the majority — of American homeowners have a garage attached to their home.

Indeed, the convenience of garaging a vehicle is a luxury that countless people value. But the frequency of using a garage door tends to put a lot of stress on the torsion spring, pulley and cable, belt, tracks, the operator, chain, and even the garage door itself. Though a broken garage door isn’t the worst thing to happen to your home, it’s definitely an inconvenience at the very least (and a distinct security risk at worst).

Keep Your Garage Happy — Team Rocket Can Help!

Whether you’re hearing some strange squeaking or grinding noises that sound like an amateur death metal band or your garage door clearly won’t operate as it’s opposed to, you could be one of the thousands of St. Lousians who contact a garage door repair service every year. Fortunately, the team at Rocket Garage Door Repair is here to help you at a moment’s notice!

Continue reading below for five telltale signs that your garage is in need of repair or maintenance. Let’s get started.

5 Signs You Need Garage Repair In St. Louis

#1: The Door Is Stuck

Perhaps the most obvious sign that your garage door isn’t doing so hot lies in a garage door that simply won’t go up or go back down (we’ll let you decide which is worse). A stuck garage door could mean a number of problems, such as a poor connection between the control panel and your garage door or other electrical issues.

Side note: if you press the button and nothing is happening, check to make sure that there’s nothing blocking the sensor or that your vehicle is parked far enough into the garage. Many modern garages are equipped with sensors to make sure that they don’t clip the rear end of vehicles.

#2: There’s a Noticeable Delay

Throughout owning a home, there will be times where your garage door, like you, hasn’t had its morning coffee. But unfortunately, a simple cup of Joe won’t serve as an easy fix in this situation. Slow response times with your garage door indicate that something may be wrong with the control panel.

Don’t think, “Oh, my garage door still opened and worked...eventually. I’ll just wait until it flat-out stops working before I call my local St. Louis garage repair service.” Don’t procrastinate! Avoid having to manually open and close your garage with the emergency release rope by proactively giving us a call.

#3: The Door Doesn’t Go Up Smoothly

Your garage door might respond very quickly once the button is pressed, but over time, you may find that there’s a certain jutting motion to how your garage door is going up or coming down — you know, the opposite of show a garage door should smoothly glide along the metal tracks. Upon closer inspection, you may notice that your garage door’s wheels are off the tracks. For a closer inspection, Team Rocket will take it from there.

#4: You’re Hearing Strange Noises

The odd noises that you hear in your home can’t always be attributed to the ghosts that are living in your basement. We joke, but if you’re hearing just about anything other than the low-pitch hum and drum of your operator motor running, along with some natural creaking sounds, give us a call. If you hear something like “#$@#^@$^@!!!!!@#!” after you press the button, give us a call immediately.

#5: There’s Visible Damage

Clear, visible damage almost always indicates a problem with your garage door. Even if it appears to be functioning correctly, the most subtle damage or missing hardware can result in costly repairs or even a flat-out replacement down the road. If anything looks out of place, missing, or just plain wrong, it’s always best to play it safe and give our St. Louis garage door repair service a call.

Hey, it’s in your best interest as a garage owner, after all!

Noticed Any Of These Signs? Contact Rocket Garage Door Repair In St. Louis!

Owning a home comes with its fair share of repairs. When it comes to your garage door, our goal is to get your garage situation back to 100% in the quickest and most cost-effective manner possible. Is a broken garage door an inconvenience? Absolutely. Are we here to fix it as soon as possible? You bet! Should you contact us if you’ve experienced any of the signs that we just touched on? We probably couldn’t be more clear: yes!

For the most trusted garage repair services in St. Louis, contact us today.