7 Most Common Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won't Open

Garage doors are a noteworthy portion of any household as they provide amenities like security and suitability for the vehicles and family members. However, with each mechanical creation, technical problems are certain to rise with time. We all understand that it turns annoying when our automatic garage doors get defective or not receptive at operations.

Before approaching an expert, it is important to understand little reasons behind all these defects so that the fix can be ascertained quickly with ease.

1. The remote control is faulty

The remote control needs to be in range in order to function. The best solution is to change the batteries of the remote or even try programming it. Sometimes the antenna gets blocked from the signal which stops the functioning.

2. Use of the ‘disconnected’ option

All these garage doors come with a feature of “disconnect switch or cord” which enables the user to manually stop the functioning in case of power failure. When the garage doors stop opening, the user should also check this function.

3. Sensor is blocked

This sensor is also known as a photo eye which detects any obstacle in the path of closing and opening of the door. The users to check the cord attached to the sensors to make sure of it functioning. Proper materials should be used to clear the dust and dirt collected there.

4. Disrupted operator power source

Sometimes due to unforeseen situations, the power plug gets disconnected which is the main reason for the non-function. It is prudent to mention that the user should first check if the door cord is connected to the power outlet or not.

5. The door is not aligned accurately

This is one vital reason which should be properly directed. As a user, you should be cautious that the garage door is positioned on a suitable track to make sure that it functions competently. Openings between rollers or the tracking rail can be a major reason for the non-opening of the garage door.

6. The springs in the garage doors are broken

When the springs break, the garage doors are sure to make a lot of noise like any firework or even a gunshot. These springs make the garage door operations easier and since it’s a difficult problem, the users should call for a professional to deal with the defect.

7. The limit setting needs to be adjusted

In such a situation, the user should search for the limit switch which is recognized as the adjustable switch that manages how far the garage door should be lower in order to close and open accurately. The precise way is to fine-tune the screw on the motor which grips the increase and the decrease function of the door.

All these are common problems which hamper the functioning of any garage door. Some difficulties are easy to be dealt with but in extreme cases, it is best to call for a professional like Rocket Garage Door Repair. Connect with to grab the best and cost-effective garage door repair solutions in St. Louis today itself!