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Do I Need Garage Door Replacement In St. Louis?

If you’ve been thinking about the state of your garage door lately, you might be in the market for garage door repair or even garage door replacement in here in St. Louis. Maybe you purchased a brand new home and now it’s 20-years old, or you bought a fixer-upper with a garage door that worked just well enough for you to ignore...for awhile.

The truth is, though we’re your go-to garage door experts in St. Louis, it’s difficult to determine whether you need garage door repair or a brand new garage door without seeing it in person. Though we’re happy to take a look at your garage door by you sending in a picture, it’s always best to do a thorough inspection at your house.

Now, with this in mind, you can educate yourself as a homeowner to help determine whether you’re really in need of repair or replacement. Keep reading below from Rocket Garage Door Repair, your St. Louis garage door service, to get our take on your garage door!

Replacement vs Repair: Here’s What To Consider

What Direction Does Your Garage Door Face?

This may seem like a strange question to begin things with, but the side of the house that your garage door is attached to actually matters. North-facing garage doors will have ice creeping around the seal of your garage door during the colder months, while south-facing garage doors receive persistent UV-exposure from the sun’s rays. Is there a compromise between these two directions? In short, no.

Worn-down flashing and a compromised bottom seal from the door sticking to ice are both problems, but you’re likely to only experience one rather than both. Over time (many years), the elements wearing down your garage door may very well result in a replacement.

What’s The Repair History Like?

Once upon a time, you bought a brand new home. Over the course of several years, you were diligent and responsible, always ensuring that any paperwork, receipts, or work orders were safely filed after any repairs were done to your house.

If that situation applies to you, then you likely have a detailed maintenance or repair history for your garage door. Reference what’s been done to your garage door in the time that you’ve owned it. What’s been replaced? What’s still original? You don’t need to be an expert to get a rough idea of your maintenance history.

Now, if this situation doesn’t necessarily apply to you, don’t sweat it! Our experts can come out to your home and do a thorough inspection to determine what your garage door needs (and, more importantly, what it doesn’t need).

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Have You Been A Responsible Owner?

We may be a professional garage door company, but we’re not here to chastise you over whether you’ve been a good homeowner or not. If you’re like any homeowner who’s ever existed, you’re busy with...well, life. Even the most essential home repairs often fall through the cracks until they worsen to the point of complete necessitation. Believe us, we understand.

Ultimately, owning a home is a time-consuming chore and it takes great amounts of effort and free time to keep everything in peak condition. This includes your garage, and when you consider that you use your garage door multiple times every single day, it’s even more important to make sure that:

  • Your panels aren’t warped from sun damage

  • The flashing is in good condition to keep the elements out

  • The rails are properly secured to the walls

  • Pooling water is addressed as soon as possible

Like Smokey The Bear would say, “It’s up to you to prevent garage door wear and tear!”

Do You Know The Quality Of The Original Construction?

Not unlike your car, the manufacturer and materials they used to build it affect the longevity and performance. Of course, your car goes through more daily wear and tear than your garage door, and you put more money into maintaining your vehicle along the way. But it’s worth noting that paying extra for a premium garage door brand (and even agreeing to optional extras) can really make a difference in terms of its lifespan.

Good garage doors that were a) installed correctly and b) maintained reasonably well should last up to 30 years or even longer. Sure, a few minor repairs will need to be made along the way, but that’s incredible value when you give it some thought.

Need Garage Repair Or Replacement In St. Louis? Still Unsure? We Can Help!

Whether your garage door is old but functioning perfectly or its been on the fritz lately, rest assured that Team Rocket can help. At the end of the day, we’re the garage door experts, not you, so continue to live your best life focusing on the things you love while we focus on what we do best — repairing and replacing garage doors!

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