How to Open Your Garage Door Safely During a Power Failure

Power Trips pose an big problem for garage doors. Have you ever faced a time when the garage door would just not open and fear that you are trapped until the power comes back? Imagine what if your kids are with you and the door just wouldn’t open due to a power failure?

In moments like that it is essential for anyone to be well informed about the manner in which you can manually open the garage door without getting yourself injured. Contrary to the popular belief, it is actually safer if the garage door is closed when thee power trips.

How to Trip the Garage Door Trigger

Now if at the time of the trip your garage door was open. Do not release the bypass switch or the door will likely come crashing down on you. Doing this poses to risk of damage and hurt to anything or anyone who is under the door at the time when the power goes out. This is die to the fact that the electric eye in the door's system during a power trip cannot detect someone or something underneath it.

This problem was something that the manufacturers of automatic door openers already foresaw. This is why for moments like those they've added a handle for manual release. Now you have to make sure that before you activate this release, if the door is open, make sure you prop the door up with 2x4s, or some other type of bracing. This is to prevent the door from falling midway when you are trying to pull it up manually.

The next step is to find the red rope and pull it toward the back of the automatic garage door opener and the back of the garage. This motion is essential to prevent the rope from getting tangled in the door’s tracks. This ensures that you safely lower the garage door.

Following the above steps will ensure that safely open and close your garage door until the power gets restored. If the feel that the above steps are not being helpful it is advised to call a repair person immediately as it might be something else which needs professional assistance.

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