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It’s The First Day Of Fall — Is Garage Door Insulation On Your Mind?

After what seemed like a lengthy and brutally hot summer for many parts of the country, summer is finally and officially over with. Of course, that’s not to say that it can’t or won’t get hot from now until the official start of winter in December, but the days are noticeably shorter with crisp, cool mornings and slightly chilly evenings. It’s a pleasant change and our St. Louis garage door repair experts welcome it with open arms.

With colder weather and snow eventually on the horizon, we wanted to ask the following question: Have you put any thought into insulating your garage door?

Keep reading below in the Rocket Blog to learn more about the benefits of garage door insulation and why you should consider hiring a professional at Rocket Garage Door Repair to take care of the job.

Why Should You Insulate Your Garage Door?

Ensure Your Vehicle Sits at a Comfortable Temperature

St. Louis is like many cities in the United States in the sense that we experience dynamic temperatures throughout the year. The summers are hot and our winters are rather chilly, and if you’re garaging your vehicle(s) — as most homeowners do — you’ll want to make sure that they’re parked in your garage at a reasonably comfortable temperature.

Sure, the inside of your house is going to be warmer than your garage during the winter (even if it’s insulated), but what if you’re storing a classic vehicle or project car in the third-car garage? Older cars are more sensitive to harsher temperatures and it only makes sense to store your ride properly. Insulation can help.

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Enjoy a Comfortable Work Space During The Colder Months

Some use their garage to store their vehicles and random items and nothing more. Others use it as a space exclusively for their classic rides. And others, of course, multi-purpose the area by using it as a workshop to work on their the garage.

In any case, it eats up electricity to run a space heater or even multiple space heaters during the winter. If you enjoy working on projects year-round in your garage, you’ll want the space to be relatively comfortable during all times of the year. Again, insulation can help!

Make Your Business More Comfortable For Your Patrons

It’s important to remember that Rocket Garage Door Repair does more than service residential garage doors. We also offer commercial garage door repair in St. Louis designed to get your company’s garage door needs taken care of quickly and effectively. This includes insulation which is essential if you operate a brewery or eatery that uses a garage door system to connect the inside of your establishment with an outdoor patio area.

No one wants to wear a jacket and gloves inside your business just to stay warm, right?

Commercial and Residential Garage Door Insulation In St. Louis

When the cold air rolls in and through the cracks in your garage door, call Rocket Garage Door Repair. Get started today!