Open Your Garage Door To the Possibilities

Many of us are simply satisfied with opening the garage door and parking our cars inside, after all, isn't that why the garage was created for in the first place? Technically, yes, the garage was first used to house carriages, a few horses, and some tack. But around the 1950s the American garage changed into much more than a place to store your wheels.

The garage has taken on a revered status in the mythology of this country, and housing automobiles is the last thing people like Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos were thinking about when they opened their garage door in the morning. As this country was growing and maturing, the garage was giving birth to successful businesses, political campaigns, and life changing inventions. Things that have shaped the fabric of our society, on a local, and even global, scale. If you think your garage can't change the world, it is all in how you look at it.

Most of us don't look in the garage we look out of the garage, so to speak. We see it as a place to pull in the car and store Christmas lights, not as inspiration. The space itself is a silent muse with hands free entry; hit the button, the door goes up, and all of the inspiration in the world is right there waiting to be discovered. A tabula rasa of possibility lies waiting in your garage, that is, if you can find it.


Ok, ok this one is kind of a no brainer but hear me out. Fitness is a multi-billion dollar industry and if you can discover the next untapped resource that directly relates to fitness, you are going to be a millionaire. Everyone wants an easy solution to their fitness woes, whether that is their problem or not.

Your garage can be the catalyst where you work on the next big workout routine. Look at the person who invented Jazzercise, where else could you make up something like that and not be ridiculed?


While we prefer to work in a nice cozy office, many computer giants today got their start in the lowly garage. At least they all said they started in a garage, which if you are a massive corporation, that claim just adds to the mythology of the company, very important in the tech industry.

Starting a computer based business is not as difficult as it sounds and you don't need to produce the next Apple computer to be a success. Think marketing, or search engine optimization, something in demand like that, if you put in the work, you could be the next mogul that can claim you started in a garage, even if it might have technically been your mom's couch.

Fixing Stuff Art

A fix-it business can be lucrative especially if you figure out what it is everyone needs fixed. Unfortunately these days we throw away everything, even when it still works. I mean, how many old cell phones do you have in the back of that drawer in your kitchen?

On second thought, maybe turning things we throw away into art is the business you can start in your garage instead of fixing stuff. Who knows you, could become the next Andy Worhol.

Something to Do With Animals

One thing that the people of St. Louis can agree on, is their love of their pets. Pet care is another industry, just like fitness, that is on the rise every year. Finding your niche in the pet care industry is as easy as developing your skills. If you are a vet, I would caution against using your garage for your practice; you may be a fine veterinarian, but working out of your garage just doesn't instill the same confidence as a traditional practice.

Pet grooming however, is an ideal garage based business and one that is in high demand. A few simple conversions and your garage can be the perfect pet salon and you can even open the garage door to let in the fresh air.


An often overlooked garage/business genre is teaching. That could be music lessons, tech specialties like coding, and even tutoring. The thing about teaching is it will never get you to Bill Gates level success and make you a legend in the lore of businesses that were created in a garage, but who cares? Teaching is one of the most noble professions on earth, and those who do it deserve the ultimate recognition.

Endless Possibilities

No matter what you decide to do with your garage, whether it is start a business, store your Christmas lights, or simply park your car, you need a garage door in good working condition. At Rocket Garage Door Repair, we specialize in the repair, installation, and replacement of garage doors in the St. Louis Area.

In the ten years we have been serving St. Louis, we have been a part of hundreds, if not thousands, of garage door rehabilitation projects. In our time, we have seen businesses grow from the garage to a storefront and beyond.

Is it your time to start your own business in your garage? Maybe invent the next big technology breakthrough? Or teach the next generation dog grooming? In any case, Rocket Garage Repair can help ensure that your garage door will always work correctly, building the successful garage business is up to you.