Signs You Might Have a Problem With Your Garage Door Springs

Garages have a lot of utility and therefore often are opened and closed repeatedly during the day which renders them to face some technical problems now and then. There are many times that these small problems may turn into a big one if not checked out and repaired at an early stage. It is of utmost importance that the garage doors of your house are regularly maintained to get rid of any such problems. This is essential not only to guarantee your own safety but to ensure that it keeps functioning. While garage doors already have a life span of 10 years you can ensure that they live longer if you recognise when they need to be repaired.

The following illustrate five signs that you should look out to ensure proper maintenance of your garages:

  1. If it poses problems while opening or closing
  2. If the garage door has come off is tracks
  3. The door is out of balance
  4. If it has a slow response time
  5. It is makes loud noises

One of the most important parts of a garage door is the springs and wear and tear in these are quite common and often leads to the above signs. The first step to identify if you have a spring problem is to identify which springs your garage door has. It can either be Torsion Spring or an Extension Spring. The following elaborate upon these two kinds.

1. Extension Spring Issues

These are attached on either side of your garage door and enable the same to pull the garage door upwards. The garage doors with extension springs often have two springs while the ones with torsion springs often have only one spring. Due to two springs, it is often noticed that one of them is functional. The sign that gives away this problem is unevenness of the garage door. Another sign might be if the door only goes up halfway. When you face a problem like this it is advised that you don’t take matters into your own hands and call a professional.

2. Torison Spring Issues

These are the springs which are situated right above our garage door and are used when you physically pull the garage door up. If your door seems to be posing problems in opening then the problem could lie with the Torison Springs. Like an Extension Spring it can get complicated to attempt to fix it on your own. Call a professional otherwise you could suffer an injury while attempting to fix these springs. A proper assessment of the problem can only be ensured by a professional and thus, you must never attempt to fix any of the two springs on your own without proper knowledge.

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