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What To Do When Your Garage Door Isn’t Working

It’s Monday morning (this hypothetical situation already sounds bad, doesn’t it?), your coffee maker didn’t go off, and you’re running late to work. After rushing through your morning routine, barely throwing on your work clothes, and heading out the door into the garage, you go to push the button...but something strange happens. The strange thing that’s happened is that nothing is actually happening, so you go to press it again...but there’s no action.

A curse word and several more presses cause your garage door to go up, but only by a couple of feet — not nearly enough to get your car out of the garage. Well, now you’re really late to work because you have no way to get there. What do you do?

Who Do You Call? Team Rocket!

Though we can’t help you get to your job on-time, we can help you make sure that your garage door operates without a hitch every single day. Don’t call the Ghostbusters when your garage is busted — call us! Rocket Garage Door Repair provides the best garage door repair in St. Louis, and we also specialize in garage door maintenance to (hopefully) prevent the above scenario from ever occurring.

When your nightmare becomes reality and your garage isn’t cooperating, here’s what to do:

Stay Calm And (Carefully) Open and Close Your Garage Manually

It’s easy to freak out and panic when you can’t get your car in and out of the garage with the simple touch of a button. However, most standard garage doors are designed to be opened and closed manually with the emergency pulley.

Check to see if your garage has one (it should), and use that to open your garage door, safely pull your vehicle out, park it, close your garage from the inside with the same pulley, and exit your home through your front or side door.

Don’t Try and Fix Anything On Your Own

We repeat: do not attempt any DIY fixes, even if you think that you can easily remedy the problem! Unless you have a thorough understanding of how garage doors work, you could easily injure yourself. From the possibility of electrical shock to cuts, scrapes, bruises, or worse from the garage door itself falling on top of you, make sure to leave the job up to the professionals at Rocket Garage Door Repair.

Contact Us For Fast, Effective Garage Door Repair In St. Louis

If you’re local to the greater St. Louis area, Rocket Garage Door Repair can help get your garage back on track (quite literally, in some cases) with the best garage services in the area. We know how stressful dealing with a broken garage door is, and that’s why we’ve grown to help provide the most responsive garage door repair in the area.

Do you need garage door assistance? From preventative maintenance to new garage door installation and replacement, Team Rocket is here for you! Reach out to our friendly staff today or fill out our contact form to get started.

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