Living in Crescent - A Little About Its History

Crescent, Missouri is a place that is about as far from the middle class as it's possible to get. The area is an urban jungle with lots of low-income housing, poverty rates, and unemployment. In fact, in the city of Missouri, Crescent, it's not unusual to see families with two working adults and two children living in an apartment, or an unattached home with only one tenant. It's not surprising that so many people from the poorer parts of the country live here. But Crescent MO doesn't have to be like that. Information can be found here.

This small town in northwest Missouri has plenty of opportunities for young families and individuals with a great sense of community, and their family's financial situation can improve dramatically when they move to Crescent. There are two options available. The first is that the residents can go to the government-owned Crescent Park. The Crescent Park was built in the 1950s as part of the federal Housing and Urban Development Administration (HUD). This park is a great place to play, walk, and shop. There's even a tennis court on the south side of the building. Read about Where is Crestwood Missouri here.

The second option is for residents to go to a community college in Crescent. Although there aren't any public schools in the community, there are private schools where students can earn a degree. The only requirement for those seeking higher education is to have parents who have been employed for at least a year in the community and to be in good health.

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