Parkdale: Home to Two Parks and Other Important Sites

Parkdale is a small community in the town of Jefferson County, Missouri. The population was approximately 170 in the 2020 census. It has two schools and one community center. It is also home to several other businesses and institutions. There are homes for sale and for rent in Parkdale. This area is very safe, as well. Many of the homes in this area are within close walking distance to the main roads in Parkdale. See more here.

Parkdale is located in the southwest part of Jefferson County. This is very much in the middle of the city of St Louis. It is on the west side of Main Street, directly in front of the police station. The neighborhood is made up of homes and apartment complexes. It is also home to many commercial establishments such as shops, restaurants, and a grocery store. This area has been steadily gaining popularity over the years. It is located near downtown and has many popular stores such as Borders Books, Dollar General, Walmart, and Target. See here for information about Rock Hill - A Place to Live.

In addition, there are many parks within the area. There are also Lake Park, which are located at the northwest corner of the neighborhood, and a park that are on the east side of Parkdale. This is where the city of St. Louis Park, MO. plays home games against the Chicago Bears.

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