St. Louis, MO Has Interesting Military Background

Classical military activities best describe and place St. Louis, MO, as a powerful hometown to military officers. Military bases are still standing strong in town with naval bases, air bases and army bases spread across the city. There are significant forts worth visiting to explore more about the involvement of St. Louis town in civil wars. Take a visit to any of these forts and learn more about civil wars and military involvement. Ballwin, MO can be seen here.

Fort Belle Fontaine

Formally known as Cantonment Belle Fontaine, this is a former U. S military base located right here in St. Louis town. This fort acted as a military defensive position during the civil wars and was vital in assisting the many expeditions heading to the American West. Visit this fort, especially at the park section, and take a look at archeological artifacts related to civil wars and military. Click here to read about St. Louis, MO Is an Amusement Spot.

Jefferson Barracks Military Post

Jefferson's military post is a historical military post dating back to the years of civil wars. There are sites to tour, including cemeteries where war veterans were laid to rest and museum centers to see classical tools and artifacts pointing to the civil war era. This post currently serves as an active army base and Air National Guard base worth visiting when you visit the town.