St. Louis, MO Is Full of Nature Parks

St. Louis has several nature parks for exploration. Nature and animal lovers have a wide range of parks and points here for sightseeing and in-depth exploration. Parks here have a thousand species of plants, animals, birds, and aquatic life to see. Here are a few natural parks for sightseeing when you come to the city. Ballwin, MO information can be seen at this link.

Missouri Botanical Garden

Known by the locals as the Shaw's Garden, this marvelous spot is home to America's most significant traditional Japanese garden, a Victoria garden and Kemper Center for Home Gardening. There's a walking maze within the garden with beautiful walk paths. There are a hundred of rare species of plants here, especially tropical plants and flowers for you to see. Visit the park during evening hours and see beautiful light glows covering the entire garden. See here for information about St. Louis, MO Is A Sports Powerhouse.

Saint Louis Zoo

This magnificent zoo is home to over five thousand animals alive. Natural habitats are set up for all manner of animals to resemble bluffs, lakes, and woods. There is also a birdhouse to a variety of birds, including penguins and different species of doves. A garden surrounds the entire park with apes and monkeys jumping and playing on tall trees covering the park from all corners.