State Park That You Can Visit In The City Of Ballwin, MO

A State Park That Is A Popular Tourist Attraction In Ballwin, MO

If you are a tourist in the city of Ballwin, MO, there are many interesting places that you can visit. While some places are great for tourists, people in the area will even love going to them as well! State parks are a great place to go if you are with your entire family. Learn more facts here.

A state park that many people love to visit that is located in the city of Ballwin, MO is:

  • Castlewood State Park

Castlewood State Park

Castlewood State Park is a state park that is located in the city of Ballwin, MO. This state park is a know tourist attraction in the city as there is a lot for you to see. This public recreation area covers a large area of 1,818 acres. Castlewood State Park is along the Meramec River, which gives it a great scenic view for anyone visiting the park. The park features many things to explore, including bike trails, hiking trails, a river, a valley, a lot of wildlife, and is great for people that are looking to explore, hike, bike, fish, go on adventures, or just enjoy the nature and environment. Read about An Activity-Filled Park That Is Located In Ballwin, MO here.