The City of Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury is a very important city in the St. Charles County, Missouri area and is a major suburb of the St Louis Metropolitan Area. It is situated in the southern portion of St Louis. It is home to the largest community of immigrants in the St Louis area and many of the residents are African-American. It has been designated a major metropolitan area by the St. Charles County Department of Development and is listed as a key destination for business growth. The metropolitan area has developed into one of the most prosperous areas of the St Louis metropolitan area with a growing number of residents who live within the Shrewsbury area. More can be found here.

The City of Shrewsbury is located in the south central part of the St. Louis metropolitan area, and is the fourth largest city in St Charles County. The population of Shrewsbury was only 6,024 in the 2010 census. The city of Shrewsbury was named after an African-American railroad worker. The city of Shrewsbury was established in 1875. The City of Shrewsbury was incorporated as a city in 1917. The City of Shrewsbury was established as a separate city from St Charles County in Missouri in 1917. Learn more about The History of Sunset Hills

There are many historic buildings that can be found in Shrewsbury. One of these is the First Baptist Church, which was founded by a group of people in 1855. The Second Baptist Church was founded in the same year. The Third Baptist Church was founded in 1875. The Fifth Baptist Church was founded in 1890 and the Sixth Baptist Church was established in the same year. The Shropshire Street Fair is held every summer and the annual Shropshire Festival is held in June. The City of Shrewsbury has two schools in the area.

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