Affton Homes For Sale

Affton is a census-designated area in southwestern St. Louis County, Illinois, in the Midwest part of the state, between Kansas City and St. Joseph. The population at the 2020 Census was 20,817. Located in the southwest corner of St. Joseph County, it is bounded by Iowa, Illinois, Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia on one side and Texas on the other. It is in the central part of St. Louis, Missouri. The city is known for its historic architecture and rich agricultural past. Click here for facts about Ballwin, MO.

There are many historic buildings in Affton. In addition to the main street, the main section of town that includes the St. Joseph Church, the Old Main Building, the St. Peter's Church, the Affton City Farm, the St. Lawrence Hall, and the St. Luke's Place Church, includes many historical buildings. These historic buildings are some of the most important historical buildings in Affton, MO. There are also a number of beautiful homes on the property. There is a variety of housing to choose from. One of the unique aspects of Affton, MO is that it has a historic district, which allows the home buyers to look around at many homes without actually going to the homes themselves. Information about A Brief Description of Arnold can be found here.

Because it is in the middle of the St. Louis metropolitan area, Affton, MO has a variety of shops to choose from. Some of the most popular shops to shop in include Dixie Shoe Depot, the Affton Mall, the Big Red Grocery Store, the A'Mara Restaurant, the Jewelry Warehouse, the Big Fish Restaurant, the St. Mary's School, and the Affton Golf Club. There are also a number of restaurants to choose from. The Affton Mall has a wide variety of food to eat including hot dogs, sandwiches, hamburgers, pizza, chicken wings, pasta, and other specialty foods as well.

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