Ellisville is on the Rise

Ellisville is a town in St. Louis County, Missouri. It is an outer-ring suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. The population in 2020 was nine thousand at the most recent census. The majority of the population in Ellisville lives in the northern part of the town. The south section is mostly a residential area with very few businesses in the downtown area. Visit this link for Ballwin, MO facts.

The real estate market for this area of the St Louis area is strong. The number of foreclosures on homes is relatively low. Real estate investors in the area are eager to buy properties because they can get a better price than they could in other parts of the St Louis area. Real estate prices in the surrounding suburbs such as Hazelwood and Maplewood are also improving. Most of the older houses in the area have seen improvements in the interior like new carpets and appliances. There is also an increase in the number of single-family homes being built, especially in and around the central business district. Discover facts about Fenton: Population 5,813.

The economic downturn is one of the reasons that people are choosing to live in the area. Since more of the jobs in the area are in the downtown area, this provides a better lifestyle. Some people want to move in order to help the economy by adding to the population in the area. There are a lot of different businesses in the area that offer jobs for people in need of work. There is also a shopping center that is home to numerous large corporations, including Wal-Mart.

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