History of Murphy

Murphy, Missouri is located in St. Louis County and has a population of about thirty-six thousand people. It is the capital of the city of Kansas City and the third largest city of the state. The name is taken from Major General John J. Murphy, who was a major player in the American Civil War. It was built by him as a military camp in 1866 and later served as a railroad depot. Find further facts here.

Murphy has a very unique and beautiful history. The main town was originally established as a military camp. During that time, a number of different families were made up of families who had escaped to Missouri because of their hardships. Eventually, many of these families settled down in this area. They became farmers and helped to develop roads. At the time, there were three major railroads that provided the railroad system that connects the areas. Eventually, a new fourth railroad came into place which served as a connection between Kansas City and St. Louis. Read about Overland is a Great Place to Live here.

Many of the early settlers lived on land owned by the Union Railroad Company in Murphy. This allowed them to make some good money in the first years of the railroad. As the railroad grew, more land was developed and eventually became part of the major rail line. It was during the nineteenth century that this railroad began to be constructed. As the railroad was being built, it served a number of important towns. In order to serve its purpose, it was necessary for this railroad to connect up to several communities. Eventually, as the rail network grew, the Missouri Pacific Railroad was formed and then the Union Pacific Railroad.

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