Overland is a Great Place to Live

Overland is a beautiful and historic town on the banks of the Mississippi River. The city is bordered on one side by the Mississippi River and on the other by the Ozark National Forest. The town is located approximately five miles from St. Louis, Missouri's downtown area. There are many historic sites in Overland, MO including a major historical district that includes a former City Hall, Old Main, and several churches, as well as historical museums. Click here for facts about Ballwin, MO.

Overland, MO is one of the few cities in Missouri that was established prior to 1855. The oldest part of Overland, MO is located on the southwest side of the river. There are several areas of historical interest to the citizens of Overland, MO including an area of the former City Hall known as Old Main, a park, and an old cemetery. Overland, MO is a popular place to live, because it is located on the banks of the Mississippi River, which makes it easily accessible to many large cities. Many of the people who live in Overland, MO travel to Chicago, Kansas City, Chicago, and St. Louis, Missouri on a daily basis. Click here to read about Parkdale: Home to Two Parks and Other Important Sites

Overland, MO is known for its beautiful scenery. There is an excellent variety of parks, gardens, and historical sites that are open to the public. The park offers several recreational opportunities, including horseback riding, boating, hiking, canoeing, and fishing. The City Hall is home to many local political organizations such as the St Louis County Democratic Central Committee. The Overland Historical Society displays a large amount of historical information about the past of Overland, MO. The City Hall serves as the local headquarters of many historical groups such as the St. Louis Public Library District, the United Missouri School Board, and the American Indian tribes in Overland, MO. Other important historical places in Overland, MO include the Grand Casino, the Overland Historical Museum, and the National Civil War Memorial.

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