St. Louis, MO Is A Festive City

St. Louis, MO Lines Events and Festivals for Entertainment

Everyone is always waiting with anticipation for their special event and festival to reach. St. Louis, MO, has a lot of events taking place annually across all the months to entertain you. With a blend of music, food, arts, and cultural activities, these events are always massive and inclusive suitable for kids and adults. You can choose to visit any of these events from this list. See more here.

Fair Saint Louis

This is one of the most significant events during summer and marks the nation's Independence Day celebrations. This three-day-long event is free and takes place at the Gateway National Park. Come and enjoy full day entertainment and fun involving food, music, and fireworks for children. Click here to read about St. Louis, MO Is Full of Nature Parks.

Eckert’s Free Summer Concerts

Just as the name indicates, this is a free event for kids and adults. It features live band music performances from famous artists who will fascinate you. There are play areas for kids also to pass time.

Whitaker Music Festival

This music festival takes place during the summer every Wednesday night at Missouri Botanical Garden. Entry is free, and it features live music performances from local talents and international artists. Visitors are free to stay in the garden from dawn to dusk and enjoy music.