St. Louis, MO Is A Historical City

St. Louis, MO Is Historically Fascinating

St. Louis is the largest city in Missouri. It is quite rich in history, dating back to the civil wars era. Locally and internationally, the city has long been known as the Gateway to the West because it was from here that the Europeans set out to conquer the West. There are crucial historical points of interest within the city for you to explore and have fun. Click here for facts about Ballwin, MO.

Gateway Arch

Gateway Arch is the tallest arch in the whole world. At the center of Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Park, is where the Gateway Arch is standing tall. A symbolic role in remembrance of the Gateway to the West. There are many other exciting activities taking place here, including a theater that shows films about the construction of the arch. There are also other museums right at the foot of this giant arch to explore more about the dome. Read about St. Louis, MO Is A Festive City here.

Old Courthouse

This historical courthouse is also found within the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial park, where the Gateway Arch is located. Its association with historically essential trials such as slavery trials and human rights cases makes it a fascinating place to visit when you visit the park. Gateway ticketing and visitor center are located right here as well.