Wildwood History Tour

Wildwood is situated in St. Clair County, Missouri, United States of America. It is located at the northern part of the county, bordering St. Francis and Cass County. It has a population of about 35,500 as of the 2020 census. Wildwood has a unique geographical shape. It is surrounded by two Missouri River valleys and the central portion is bordered by Cedar Hills. In addition to this, it has several natural parks and preserves, such as the Wildwoods Forest Preserve, Cedar Hills State Park, and the Trail. The City of Wildwood, MO is very well known for its historical sites, especially the historic Saint Charles Avenue. Learn more here.

The most notable historical place to be found in Wildwood, MO is the "Mohawk Museum." This museum also called the Wilds-Museum, is a must-see destination if you are ever in Wildwood. You will find many artifacts in this museum that tells about the Native Americans and early settlers of the area. In fact, this museum is believed to be the oldest in the entire United States of America. One of their largest artifacts is an artifact that tells about their journey to this land and the first settlers in this area. The artifact was made out of animal hide and was carved by the original pioneers of this area. Learn more about Affton Homes For Sale.

If you want to learn more about Wildwood, then you may want to check out this museum. You will also want to visit its historical buildings such as the Old Saint Charles School. You will find all kinds of exhibits about the history of this area, including historical pictures of Native Americans, a replica of some of their Native American pottery and the artifacts they used to help make these items. If you want to see Wildwood, then you should consider a tour that will take you there!

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