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There are numerous common home remodeling initiatives in which expert professionals recommend homeowners that can earn great returns on investment. When it comes to home remodeling projects, we always think of bathroom or kitchen upgrades but in reality, these always go ahead of the budget and turn out to be very pricey. But we at Rocket Garage Door Repairs recommend that garage door repair or replacement is always the number one home remodel initiative for the best return on investment. This not only improves the home resale value but also enhances the overall appearance and functionality of the house. Below mentioned are four reasons why garage door replacement services are worth the investment:

Enhances the home resale value

Effective replacements to the garage door are one of the best means to increase the value of the house. If you replace your outdated garage door with a new, highly-efficient and modern garage door then you’re instantly adding good value to your home’s sale cost. It is a less time-consuming idea and only takes a day for the professional to...

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Are you one of those who desire to have a dream house but often forget about the importance of a spectacular garage? Being busy in setting our house often makes us forget how important it is for us to upgrade our garage for good. Instead of simply considering it as a place to park your car or stare your old décor, imagine your garage as a noteworthy extension of your house where you can use aesthetic features and organizational tactics to present the atmosphere as more inviting along with maximizing the storage capacity.

Introduce cabinet systems

This is the best means to store your items in a more effective manner, where you don’t have to hang everything. These fitted wall cabinets offer more stability and area management. You can also make use of free-standing cabinets which can be easily moved, allowing you to accommodate more items in an organized manner. For additions, you can also use baskets for extra blankets, clothing, books and other tools.

Make use of the ceiling

Introduce hooks on your ceiling as they are...

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Bents on garage door tracks are a usual scene as they require a lot of movement and weigh hundreds of pounds. Since they are in use frequently, it is pretty natural for the parts to wear out or even break down sometimes. These bent tracks should be repaired immediately so that the garage door can operate effectively. Fixing a garage door with bent tracks require some track replacement, contingent on the damage extent.

Reasons for Bent Garage Door Tracks


Obstructions like dirt, sand or other grits can often cause hinderances in the operation of the garage door by preventing the cables and rollers from moving. This tension created can lead to bending of the tracks.

Broken cables

Cables often pull and support the functioning of the garage door. If one of them gets damaged, there will be a lot of unsupported weight on the garage door tracks, leading to bents.


Most bents on the garage door tracks are because of the impact left by the vehicles used by...


Garages have a lot of utility and therefore often are opened and closed repeatedly during the day which renders them to face some technical problems now and then. There are many times that these small problems may turn into a big one if not checked out and repaired at an early stage. It is of utmost importance that the garage doors of your house are regularly maintained to get rid of any such problems. This is essential not only to guarantee your own safety but to ensure that it keeps functioning. While garage doors already have a life span of 10 years you can ensure that they live longer if you recognise when they need to be repaired.

The following illustrate five signs that you should look out to ensure proper maintenance of your garages:

  1. If it poses problems while opening or closing
  2. If the garage door has come off is tracks
  3. The door is out of balance
  4. If it has a slow response time
  5. It is makes loud noises

One of the most important parts of a garage door is the springs and wear and tear in these are quite common and...


Power Trips pose an big problem for garage doors. Have you ever faced a time when the garage door would just not open and fear that you are trapped until the power comes back? Imagine what if your kids are with you and the door just wouldn’t open due to a power failure?

In moments like that it is essential for anyone to be well informed about the manner in which you can manually open the garage door without getting yourself injured. Contrary to the popular belief, it is actually safer if the garage door is closed when thee power trips.

How to Trip the Garage Door Trigger

Now if at the time of the trip your garage door was open. Do not release the bypass switch or the door will likely come crashing down on you. Doing this poses to risk of damage and hurt to anything or anyone who is under the door at the time when the power goes out. This is die to the fact that the electric eye in the door's system during a power trip cannot detect someone or something underneath it....


We all know that the remote to our garage door is essentially as good as the key to your house. So, if you lose this little devise, it is but obvious that you may panic – after all, someone can always break in and steal your things.

Sometimes you may get lucky and find your remote, but most of the time, when our carelessness gets the best of us, we don’t find it. However, you don’t have anything to worry about since we are going list out all the ways you can replace a lost wireless garage door opener remote control and protect your home!

First Things First

Just to put it out there, replacing a lost wireless garage door opener remote control is an extremely easy task – a lot like replacing a TV remote. All you need to do is check your garage door for the model number and manufacturer name and then look up on the internet if a replacement remote is available for your garage door.

Even if you don’t find a remote which is compatible with your door, you can...


Garage doors are a noteworthy portion of any household as they provide amenities like security and suitability for the vehicles and family members. However, with each mechanical creation, technical problems are certain to rise with time. We all understand that it turns annoying when our automatic garage doors get defective or not receptive at operations.

Before approaching an expert, it is important to understand little reasons behind all these defects so that the fix can be ascertained quickly with ease.

1. The remote control is faulty

The remote control needs to be in range in order to function. The best solution is to change the batteries of the remote or even try programming it. Sometimes the antenna gets blocked from the signal which stops the functioning.

2. Use of the ‘disconnected’ option

All these garage doors come with a feature of “disconnect switch or cord” which enables the user to manually stop the functioning in case of power...

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After what seemed like a lengthy and brutally hot summer for many parts of the country, summer is finally and officially over with. Of course, that’s not to say that it can’t or won’t get hot from now until the official start of winter in December, but the days are noticeably shorter with crisp, cool mornings and slightly chilly evenings. It’s a pleasant change and our St. Louis garage door repair experts welcome it with open arms.

With colder weather and snow eventually on the horizon, we wanted to ask the following question: Have you put any thought into insulating your garage door?

Keep reading below in the Rocket Blog to learn more about the benefits of garage door insulation and why you should consider hiring a professional at Rocket Garage Door Repair to take care of the job.

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Not unlike other essential components of your home, your garage door is something that you and your family use on a daily basis. If you’re like most hard-working people, then you’re opening and closing your garage door multiple times a day. This is, of course, fine and dandy, but if your home is outdated or your garage door is on the fritz, you might want to consider garage door replacement instead of repair.

Sure, sometimes garage door replacement is more obvious than other times, like when your teenager accidentally backed straight into the door. But in certain cases, you might want to think about upgrading your garage door. Fortunately, Rocket Garage Door Repair is here to help.

Your St. Louis Garage Door Replacement Company Is On The Job

Those in search of garage door replacement in St. Louis are in good hands when they choose Team Rocket. With a keen eye for detail and an emphasis on quality installations,...

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If you’ve been thinking about the state of your garage door lately, you might be in the market for garage door repair or even garage door replacement in here in St. Louis. Maybe you purchased a brand new home and now it’s 20-years old, or you bought a fixer-upper with a garage door that worked just well enough for you to ignore...for awhile.

The truth is, though we’re your go-to garage door experts in St. Louis, it’s difficult to determine whether you need garage door repair or a brand new garage door without seeing it in person. Though we’re happy to take a look at your garage door by you sending in a picture, it’s always best to do a thorough inspection at your house.

Now, with this in mind, you can educate yourself as a homeowner to help determine whether you’re really in need of repair or replacement. Keep reading below from Rocket Garage Door Repair, your St. Louis garage door service, to get...


Have you been facing some problems with your garage door? If you are unsure of the possible methods of fixing these problems, you do not need to be furious. Remember, a little troubleshooting of your garage door will go a long way in maintaining the buildup of your door and functionality. As a result of the number of circles your garage door endures on a daily basis, you should seek for your garage door repair and maintenance regularly.

While there may be repairs and maintenance you won’t be able to handle on your own, there are also simple and common problems you should be able to fix. The sooner these problems are identified, the less damage and cost you’ll be faced with. It could seem challenging to prepare your garage door in order not to break down on you. How can you stay prepared? Learn the below tips.

1. Annoying, Grinding Noise

Shabby parts, squeaky sections, or loose hardware- these are common kinds of annoyances with simple solutions. Generally, whenever you observe a noise from your garage door, you should know that your door is due...


Apart from providing access to your garage, your garage door does a whole lot more. While it gives an extreme level in terms of utility, it also enhances the curb appeal while at the same time increasing the overall value of your home. However, this couldn’t be entirely true if your garage door is not well maintained and updated.

If you observe that your garage door is already throwing off the design of your home, inconveniencing you from various operations within the home, or you simply feel your garage doors are no more up to standards, this is an indication that you need to replace it. Here are a few of the signs that you need to replace your garage door with a new one:

Noise Level

Sometimes, increased noise levels might be an indication that certain parts of your garage door require a repair or replacement. However, these noises shouldn’t be ignored because they cause more inconvenience.

Typically, a garage door in its proper condition should work correctly with less noise. If you observe some kinds of new...

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According to the U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, a 2015 American Housing Survey found that 63% of all occupied housing units had a garage or carport attached. In the West and Midwest regions, this percentage was over 70%. This data supports our opening point that many — the majority — of American homeowners have a garage attached to their home.

Indeed, the convenience of garaging a vehicle is a luxury that countless people value. But the frequency of using a garage door tends to put a lot of stress on the torsion spring, pulley and cable, belt, tracks, the operator, chain, and even the garage door itself. Though a broken garage door isn’t the worst thing to happen to your home, it’s definitely an inconvenience at the very least (and a distinct security risk at worst).

Keep Your Garage Happy — Team Rocket Can Help!

Whether you’re...

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To many homeowners, the garage serves as one of the most important parts of the home. As the most common entry point for car-driving people, you likely use your garage and garage door just about every day of the week — even multiple times a day.

A Warm Welcome

From our team of experienced St. Louis garage door repair and installation experts to you, Rocket Garage Door Repair would like to welcome our readers to our blog. This area of our website is designed to provide homeowners and garage door-utilizing business owners alike with helpful information regarding garage door installation, repair, replacement, and even insulation.

Your Garage Matters — We’re Here To Help

Throughout our time serving the greater St. Louis area, what we’ve noticed about garage door services is that most homeowners don’t think twice about their garage door until something goes wrong. Of course, that’s fairly normal when it...

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Garage doors: you might not pay a whole lot of attention to them, but you sure count on them to allow you easy access in and out of your garage. Yes, it may be true that the layman doesn’t give a second thought as to how a garage door looks or functions, but what’s also true is that you’re here now reading about different garage door styles. Looks like you walked right through that door, didn’t you?

In all seriousness, our St. Louis garage service extraordinaires at Rocket Garage Door Repair do service and repair several different garage door types for both commercial and residential applications. If you’re only familiar with sectional garage doors (the most popular garage door type in the United States), then you’re bound to learn a thing or two in this blog post!

So, keep reading below to learn more, or feel free to get directly in touch with Team Rocket for the best garage door service,...

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It’s Monday morning (this hypothetical situation already sounds bad, doesn’t it?), your coffee maker didn’t go off, and you’re running late to work. After rushing through your morning routine, barely throwing on your work clothes, and heading out the door into the garage, you go to push the button...but something strange happens. The strange thing that’s happened is that nothing is actually happening, so you go to press it again...but there’s no action.

A curse word and several more presses cause your garage door to go up, but only by a couple of feet — not nearly enough to get your car out of the garage. Well, now you’re really late to work because you have no way to get there. What do you do?

Who Do You Call? Team Rocket!

Though we can’t help you get to your job on-time, we can help you make sure that your garage door operates without a hitch every single day. Don’t call the Ghostbusters when your garage is busted — call us! Rocket Garage Door Repair provides the best...


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